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Välkomna till oss

Vår nya hemsida är äntligen klar. det ska vara enklare än någonsin att handla hos oss, vi har jobbat hårt för att göra den enklaste shopen. Maila oss gärna om ni hittar något som inte fungerar eller ni saknar.


The founder of this company is Lars Karlsson, we are nowadays more pople in this company.

We are working with webshop, shop in Jönköping Sweden and also sell on exhibitions and other markets.

Send us an e-mail at info@karlssonshjalmar or call us at +46 705682663.

Hope you will enjoy this site and our extremly great prices!

Regards Lars Karlsson

Welcome to Karlssons Hjälmar

We have just released our new webshop. WE have worked hard to make it as simple as possible to shop in our shop. If you are missing something or find any faults please email us.